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Cait Wait the Artist

“I am an Australian, and I love my country”.CaitPaintingThis realization I have discovered whilst travelling, working and wondering for forty years since I first completed my studies as a Secondary Art teacher in Adelaide, South Australia. I am learning to speak with my country in a language that reflects its beauty, its people, its fierce primary emotions, its weather and ‘ washing strung on the song-lines’. My work and connections with our Indigenous people and the conception of an Indigenous Art Movement in Keringke Arts at Santa Teresa in 1988 -93, years spent in Kiribati in the Central Pacific in 1994 -98, and Namibia in Africa in 2000 as an Australian Volunteer, have intensified my clarity of vision, perception and observations of peoples and cultures. The accomplishment in 2002-3 in painting the luminous Church Murals at Santa Teresa, NT in collaboration with ten Aboriginal Arrernte artists, awakened a love of sacred art and the Renaissance period. In particular I revere the works of Giotto, Filippo Lippi, Masaccio, and Leonardo da Vinci, with their expressive faces, and dynamic human forms imbued with a religious depth of meaning.WorkDesk1

Other influences  such as the dream like stories and magnificent colours in the paintings of Marc Chagall, Gauguin , Rousseau’s detailed “Romantic” portrayal of nature and man, Arthur Boyd’s’ tough exploration of the Australian psyche and landscape, and the work of Australian artist, William Robinson, for its spirituality and technical brilliance, have informed a narrative style and a ‘lyrical realism’ in my own paintings. I am nurtured by the unbroken threads of experience that weave our cultures together, and in return I have sought to nurture the beauty and poetic of this country as I live my life as an artist.








Self Portrait 2015


what was I thinking?

lonely woman, walking the hilltops
ghost town,ghost 
speaking to no one for days
all those memories 
A moon rising over the hills.
pioneer women
their hours of labour
survival in harsh country.
and the delicate patterns in the salt bush, the blue bush, the dead tree branches,
the lace like clouds on a hot windy day.
vulnerability  femininity 
I am all these things
I laugh at this image of myself...
what was I thinking?