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Cait Wait the Painter

Cait Wait artist australia outback

Cait Wait graduated as a Secondary School Art teacher in Adelaide, and soon after began her travels around Australia, seeking to discover a sense of belonging in her own country. In the following ten years, she lived in various places, worked odd jobs, and practiced as an artist creating hand painted fabrics, silks, and garments.

Wait then moved to Central Australia, in the mid 1980s, and developed an ongoing relationship with the Northern Territory and its people as a result of the years she spent living in remote communities and working with Aboriginal artists. Wait also lived and worked in Kiribati in the Central Pacific (1994 – 97), and in Namibia/ Africa (2000).

Many influencescolours portrait aboriginal from Waits travels are present in her work, as a result of her collaboration with Indigenous people over the last twenty years. Patterning, those repetitive shapes arising from nature to animate it, and those contrived by human consciousness in cloth or artefact have been an abiding inspiration in Waits work.
Her works have an ;accessible lyrical realism and they range from the realistic painting style of her portraits, to her story telling, allegorical works.
Cait Wait also celebrates photographys importance as an artistic tool, employing its thrusting framing effects especially in her choice of portrait subjects.
Colour is the memorable key for Waits work and is the distinctive link in her various styles.

The works of the early modernist, Paul Gauguin with his saturated colours and portrayal of his life in the islands, are an inspiration to Wait, as are the dream like symbols and profound colours in the paintings of Marc Chagall.
She is inspired by Russell Drysdale and Sidney Nolans exploration of the Australian psyche and landscape, and more recently the work of Australian artist, William Robinson, for its spirituality and technical brilliance.Central australia painting aboriginal

Cait Waits accomplishment in painting the Santa Teresa Church Murals in Central Australia in 2002-3, in collaboration with ten Aboriginal Arrernte artists, has awakened a love of sacred art from the Renaissance period. In particular she reveres the works of Giotto, Lippi, Masaccio, Pontormo and Michelangelo, with their expressive, dynamic faces and forms imbued with a religious depth of meaning.

My love of colour, paint, composition and the challenge to express life,and its stories, inspire me to pick up my paintbrush every day. The discipline of painting, and the spiritual experience of creating, lead me onwards in the discovery of being an artist.